Cameron Moore from the American Heroes Association received an unignorable message via social media from Jasmine Redd.

The Redd family has fallen prey to the two-tier justice system plaguing our nation, leading to unjust criminal charges against Jasmine’s mother and sister, and even more tragically, the death of her father due to corrupt actions by the FBI and the Bureau of Land Management.

The prevalent issues of land grabs and government overreach in our country underscore the urgency to reinstate President Trump to the office.

Moore played a crucial role in rekindling this story, attracting national awareness and spotlighting this heartbreaking situation.

Jasmine Reed


“Cameron Moore is an exceptional individual, truly one of a kind.

I consider myself fortunate to have the privilege of knowing him.

His boundless energy and brilliant intellect are dedicated to organizing successful events that aim to protect our country from devastation.

I am deeply grateful for everything he has done for my family, particularly in raising awareness about the circumstances surrounding the untimely passing of our father, Dr. James Redd.

This tragic event was orchestrated by individuals in positions of power during that time.

With Cameron’s invaluable assistance, we are hopeful that we can achieve justice for our father and hold those responsible for their actions accountable.

Individuals like Cameron instill hope in Americans, especially during times when it is needed the most.

His enthusiasm and unwavering commitment to spreading the truth are truly inspiring to those who consider themselves devoted patriots striving to Make America Great Again.

Jasmine Redd & the Redd family are deeply appreciative of Cameron’s efforts.”