Cameron Moore of the American Heros Association is doing some of the most important work in the country to keep America free and restore our strength and prosperity

-Roger Stone

Cameron Moore is a dynamic Patriot and creative fundraiser who conceptualized, designed and developed new concepts for The Kash Foundation that resulted in one of our largest fundraising opportunities to date.

His dedication, unwavering support for the mission at hand, and love for his country is evident through his work.

-Kash Patel

Former Chief of Staff

Secretary of Defense

After January 6th I found myself under an unprecedented judicial and media attack. Labeled as an insurrectionist in a civil courtroom I was removed from my seat as a county commissioner and labeled a domestic terrorist by the FBI.

I felt as if I was alone and abandoned in this fight. It was at this point Cameron Moore reached out and went to work. Only a short time later I sat across the table with Peter Tiktin at Mara Lago talking legal strategy. Right now, at this current time, I have a petition filed in the United States Supreme Court asking to overturn this corrupt ruling out of New Mexico.

If it wasn’t for the efforts and tenacity of Cameron Moore I would still be a man without options. With the help of Cameron I am once again on a quest for justice. Words can’t express my gratitude to Cameron Moore and the efforts he made to position us for a win we are sure to have.

-Couy Griffin

I am privileged and honored to call Cameron Moore a dear friends. Cameroon is a good man, characterized by his profound compassion for humanity and an unwavering devotion to our nation.

His desire to see the United States reemerge as a beacon of excellence is readily discernible through his remarkable capacity to forge connections with fellow patriots and effectively mobilize resources.

Cameron’s business acumen is exemplified by his exceptional aptitude for orchestrating fundraising campaigns that yield remarkable outcomes. We should consider ourselves fortunate to have Cameron Moore as a steadfast ally.

-David Harris Jr

Cameron Moore is one of the most patriotic men I know. His love of the American Republic runs deep and wide. I have seen him, on several occasions, come to the aid of other patriots whether it be to offer his gift of time, talent, or treasure. And in many instances, he has offered all three simultaneously.

He has an uncanny ability to pull things together, to fundraise, to organize, to motivate and to overcome obstacles.

I’ve witnessed him survive attempts by the radical left to cancel his patriotic philanthropy. He is an ardent supporter of the MAGA movement and his driving force is his God-given calling to our country.
Believe it!
For the Republic!
-Doug Billings
Host: The Right Side with Doug Billings

Cameron Moore, my friend, is perhaps the most big-hearted man I know, much like President Trump. His gracious nature has been a blessing to me both personally and professionally.
Cameron has a knack for spotting opportunity to promote others. Cameron is a master at pulling rabbits out of hats. He did it for me more than once during my 22 SoS campaign. He truly is a man who doesn’t look for a fight, but won’t walk away from one he believes in.
His loyalty and steadfast nature make him a man for our time.

Hon. Mark Finchem
AZ State Rep (Ret.)